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Board of Directors 2023/24

Dedication. Experience. Passion.



Matthew Jack

Matthew is from the Snuneymuxw First Nation on his mother's side, and English/Scottish on his father's. Having participated in a handful of journeys in his youth, starting in the early 2000s when he was 11 and part of School District 46. Matthew joined the Collingwood canoe family after the 2012 journey and continued with them for the 2013 journey. Time on the journey inspired Matt to pursue a career in law and justice. He completed his diploma at the Justice Institute for law enforcement before continuing on to BCIT for Forensic Investigation. After starting a family of his own Matt joined Ch’ich’iyuy, the WVPD family as a skipper for the 2018 and 2019 journeys. He assisted the latest RCMP canoe family Steqó:ya in the upper fraser valley. 


Vice President

Linda Blake

Has been a participant of Pulling Together Canoe Journey since 2001, involved in roles as a puller, skipper, safety consultant, and now a member of the Board of Directors. A career that includes local, national and international experiences in the law enforcement field. Working with youth as a martial arts instructor for 20 plus years.  A new work transfer will be a challenge for Linda to attend the next year’s journey, but her belief in what Pulling Together Canoe Journey’s brings to all those who participate will keep her involved, just from a distance.



Howard Tran

Howard joined the PTCS board in 2013 after a very memorable first journey in Sliammon 2012 and is currently the Secretary.  He quickly learned that the journey off the water is just as important as the journey in the canoes and that this is where the important work lies in furthering PTCS’ Mission Statement – enhance understanding between public service agencies and Aboriginal Peoples. He is a member of the Vancouver Police Department and is currently the Inspector in charge of the Youth Services Section, the Mental Health Portfolio and the VPD Cadet Program. He is also a board member for KidSafe Society and the UBC Institute of Mental Health. The PTCS is close to his heart and the annual journey is always the highlight of his. summer.



Anneke Driessen

Anneke attended her first journey in 2019 and this inspired her to get the Law Society of BC involved. She is a lawyer, working in the protection of the public interest. She is honoured and excited to join the board.



Ruby Marks

Ruby has been our resident Elder since the 2018 canoe journey. She offers her wisdom and opinions on all matters within the board of directors.



Rob Longley 

In 2006 Rob became familiar with the Pulling Together Canoe Journeys at a Pulling Together Canoe Society barbeque – after discussion with some of the planners, Rob, a Reserve with the Royal Canada Navy, since 1981, saw an opportunity to have the Royal Canadian Navy provide support in areas of marine knowledge and safety.  Rob and Randy Young were the first Royal Canadian Navy participants in the role of support vessel in the PT Canoe Journey 2007.

Rob began providing additional support as a Safety consultant in the PT Canoe Journey 2009 and then provided additional support and mentorship for the youth who planned the 2010 PT Canoe Journey and continues that work serving on the 2016 Board of Directors.

In 2011 he was asked to join the board of directors based on his continued participation as a Safety Consultant.  In 2013 he was appointed Director of Safety for the PT Canoe Society.



Nicole Hart

Bio to come...



Gordon Stokes

Bio to come...



Kate Smith

 From the St’at’imc Nation on her mother’s side and Witsuwit’en on her father’s side. Her very first Pulling Together Canoe Journey was in 2011 with the UN-Easy (Unya and COELS-Easy) Canoe family. The Collingwood Aboriginal Youth C.R.E.W program amplified her love for paddling when she attended the 2013 journey in the Shushwap. She was on the PTCS Board in 2015 and has continued to play a role as Friend of the Board until she was elected as a board member a few years later. Her enthusiasm and excitement for every journey has encouraged her to continue the work she does at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House in which she will return to at the end of this summer as the Program Manager of the Indigenous Youth C.R.E.W Program.



Alfonso Salinas

Bio to come...



Darryl Gray

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