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Welcome to PTCS Updates and News

Pulling Together has been steadily growing and changing through the last 20+ years but our core values remain the same: Fun, Unity, Respect, Cultural Diversity & Empathy. Our latest updates from the board and president will be found here, as well as our Facebook page.

Pulling Together 2018 at the Parliament building Victoria.

The Pulling Together board of directors has gone through some changes this year. New directors were brought on board during the 2023 AGM and the executive positions have changed as terms ended. Head over to our contact us page to see your current board of directors, president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary.


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Update July 7, 2024

Due to a mishap with our previous PO box the Pulling Together Canoe Society has a new PO box, forwarding from the old box has been added but lots of registrations and payments have been returned to se


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